The ideal solution

Comprehensive service for companies

When you are running a business, the most important thing is a plan and the peace of mind that all the legal stuff has been done. By working together on an ongoing basis, you will be kept informed of everything that is important.

We provide full legal and tax services for companies

We guide clients through the process of registration, conversion and liquidation of companies

We draft and analyse agreements

We prepare documentation related to shareholders' meetings and resolutions

We draft and update GDPR documentation

We prepare employee documentation - contracts, regulations, statutes

We prepare regulations, privacy policy for online sales

We help recovering debts, through mediation, amicable settlement proposals, lawsuits in simplified procedures to recover money quickly, and then we represent clients in enforcement proceedings

Is it for you?

A company is one of the most advantageous forms of doing business. There are many factors that weigh on how a company prospers. Therefore, it is worth delegating certain things to focus on your business strategy.

The registration of a company requires the preparation of appropriate documentation, as well as many formal duties. We draw up contracts, fill in applications, and guide clients through the entire process of registration, transformation or liquidation of companies.

If you need advice or support, our experts are also there to help and advise. We take an individual approach to each client, as everyone has a different need.

Constant cooperation with our law firm keeps us up to date with the company’s legal situation, so that the client has immediate information about what has changed, what needs attention and what action they should take.

In the maze of all these rules and regulations, it is worthwhile to ensure peace of mind and to shift all your energies to the development of the venture.